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Passages of Life (Walking Tour)


From birth to death, traditional customs surround the life of the early Chinese immigrant. Whether it is getting fortunes told by a fortune teller, a brief teaching of Yin & Yang of Chinese medicine, carrying a red umbrella at a wedding, or burning paper mansions at a funeral, come together and discover the reasons behind each practice while you explore the many Chinese customs in this journey.

Join our guide as she takes you on a walking tour of Chinatown. Visit the wet market and check out fresh produce that must be prepared for the women after birth. At the quaint Wedding Shop, the guide will show you the betrothal gifts that are sent to the bride’s family to confirm the marriage agreement between the two families

How do the Chinese honour their ancestors? At this special shop, one can buy paper effigies of money or other gifts to be burnt with offerings of food and incense to honour the dead.

We end the tour at a Heritage Brand Shop for tea appreciation with traditional wedding pastries


  • Includes pick-up from city hotels to tour centre to Chinatown.
  • Excludes drop-off at hotel.

Price: US$ 23.00 (Adult)  US$ 12.00 (Child)


Days of Operation

Pick up Time

Starting Time

3 hours

Monday, Thursday, Saturday


9.00 a.m.